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Machpelah Cemetery was first established in 1915 by a committee who succeeded in raising enough money to buy four acres of land north of the city. Among the committee members was Esther Sorscher who took on the task of approaching every Jewish resident of Flint for a contribution of one dollar!

The cemetery chapel was later constructed and dedicated on November 25, 1930.

Looking over a beautiful view of the Kearsley Reservoir stands a fiberglass sculpture to Jewish martyrs. This original work of art was commissioned by the trustees of Machpelah and dedicated on June, 8, 1969.  

It was designed and created by prominent American sculptor Mon Levenson (1926-2014).


Machpelah Cemetery continues to operate under the direction of Judy Kasle and Carol Hurand and maintains a well-managed Perpetual Care Endowment Fund.


Currently the cemetery has over 1200 monuments, with space for an additional 1,000 plots.

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